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Name:Lady Sif
Birthdate:Aug 1
Sister to Heimdall and childhood friend of Thor, Sif is a Lady by right. She has proven herself as one of Asgard's fiercest warriors despite those who scoffed at her gender. Her struggle to earn that respect has made her proud and unafraid to demand recognition. She is fiercely independent and stubborn, but absolutely loyal to Thor and her friends. The loss of her blonde hair made her wary of Loki's trickster ways early, yet she considered him a friend, and to see his betrayal saddens her. She wishes for his redemption, but doubts it will come.

Sif has travelled to Midgard to explore a realm she has not visited in many years, and to witness for herself Thor's reasons for loving it so. She is prepared to battle for its protection, and fully intends to guard Thor's interests in her time here, including the mortal lady Jane.

((ooc: I do not own the Lady Sif; this interpretation is borrowed from Marvel, and I am taking no profit from this journal's activity. I am also in no way affiliated with Jaimie Alexander, the actress who portrayed Sif in Thor, and mean nothing but respect toward her.))
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